Saturday, August 11, 2012


whats to main purpose for that ...
for person u love...
it can be ....
learn to forgive
learn to forget
learn to apologise
learn to let go
learn to live with it
learn to endure
learn to open urself
learn to understand
learn to listen
learn to speak clearly
learn to trust
learn to get hurt
learn to talk
learn to solve problems
learn to fall and do it all over again ..
what is the purpose to all these.... when u choose not to communicate?

Thursday, May 03, 2012


Introducing Kina & Grey~~

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

OMg ..

@@ ...

Monday, January 23, 2012

HapPy Cny 2012!!!

HopeFully! i'll open my brain and start Creating a New BloGskin :p~ .. hehe
been Damn lazy!
Wish all the best to everyone i love and hoping everything will go well and smoothly this yr !! :D ~

Monday, December 13, 2010


We study, or else we work...
:p been applying for new jobs and shit..
for some reason ... my agent help me .. and i ended up working in a office ..
half receptionist? i have no idea~.. well its a start :)
Next min my sis's friend offers me a job in airport~...
:p.. the pay damn great! .. now i have 2 jobs ..~
Loving my life... @@
oppotunity always comes if you make the first move~ ...
same goes with ur studies.. u'll pass if you make an effort :p ..
phew .. lucky i aint disappointing people that much now :)~ hehe

Camwhore @ work lolXD

Friday, December 10, 2010

:) Mini Cooper

I've always wanted a mini Cooper...
My Favourite car, reasons are the multiple colours u can choose from,
and designs inside the interior, and some personalised assesories... a dream car for me lol
lol after checking out all those 2nd hand cars few years back ... i've kinda lost hope..
So ... in the end i just wish i could find a guy who would buy me a mini in the future :)
apparently my first bf had a mini .. and .. ewww @@ ... kinda hated mini suddenly ..
Oh wells~ ....
Recently .. when me and ken walked around the streets or perhaps checking out car,
he would always mention that he would buy me a mini~ ..
and he insist on buying a red one! ..
oh well~~ its just a dream~ :)
until ytd~ .. when i finish my shift .. on my desk packing up my equipments ..
Kenneth came over and ask if i wanted my mini Cooper .. @@
i was like.. lol... Duh~~~~~~ .."continue pack up" ..
and he puts this TOY Car Mini Cooper on my Desk~ ..
and i was like " wtf? " = = ""
and he ask me to look properly ...
and ... ^^...
It was a Mini CoOper USB Drive~~~ :)
Ken" .. Ur christmas Present ahhhhh" lol
Even thou its not the real thing :)... still .. it made my day~~~ .. lol
at least it was something special i reckon~.. not just a toy~ but something i could use :P
he used he's friends account ta ebay it lolXD ..
Love u Bitch =3= , keke imma still waiting for the real big ThiNG :D!

Friday, November 05, 2010

:p He's Younger Days

Hehe was asking bb to Send some of he's Piccy's Over there!! ..
this is one of it ~
My Baby Gou Fu CHeng!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahah!! LOL!
missing u even more bb!! ^^

Monday, November 01, 2010

stupid girl

How can i be so stupid hey?
How can i just accept the blames...
It wasnt suppose to turn out like that...
It wasnt even my intention...
wanting to hear few words.. ended up being a torture during the process...
i literally hate u ..

Friday, October 22, 2010


Havent done this in a long long time @@
when you make up and dress up for nothing and Camwhore LOLXD
keke :p posted up one!
Seriously gotta go back ta study Muahx! =3=~

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Medical Care @@

Finally had my last injection done..
so exxy~~
150 bucks for a injection and altogether u need 3 injections :s
~~ finally over ~~

Monday, October 18, 2010

Feeling of Accomplishment :D

:p very first time and in a very fast pace i taught Kina how ta Shake Hands, Sit, lye Down, RollOver, and GumShot Pose ~~
Feeling happy as the pup u taught does what you say or sometime doesnt but he knows it inside~..
German Shephard perhaps are much much much smarter than any other dogs i've taught long long long time ago`...
or ...
is it because now that im older.. i have new ways to handle a pet? @@ ..
hmm ..
bad experience of teaching bibi sit.. = = .. he ended up falling asleep sitting! ...

:p smart Kina~ .. now i really have to toilet train him ~~ yeeesh~~

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Its a matter of time when it comes to understanding your partner~ and for them to understand you~..
There was once when i was stressing over exams and my whole brain is thinking of the sweet potatoes in market square.. like omg..
i really wanted to ring kenneth up to tell him to buy it for me! .. but i was in the middle of the tuition .. and my time are running out as its getting later and later..
and i thought.. hmm .. aihz .. next time then~..
Ken came back home~ .. and hold a pack of sweet potatoes!!! @@ and i was like
i dont think i even hinted him or told him i wanted it! ^3^!! felt the instant sweetness keke
its a matter of time when people can start reading each others mind .. or even dont @@. im not sure..
still think it was a shock as i ask how did he know~!.. and he say he didnt @@ .. coincidence~
its fun and heartwarming when u kno the person ur caring for is caring for u at the same time~..
when ur preparing food for him.. he is also preparing it for u at the same time.. and both in a shock as the food Doubles up :)~

Monday, October 04, 2010

Dont bite ya lips.

Today was thinking..
wow a good day .. a good mood.. time to blog something happy ..
and life is always as it is..
the amount of happiness u get... u'll have the same amount of sadness.. on the same day.
why hey?